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Utah’s Top 7 Hiking Trails

Do you love hiking? Well, the best way one can experience Utah’s diverse landscapes is by hiking through them. You can use the Utah hiking trails list below when planning the next Utah hiking trip.

1. Angels Landing

The 5-mile hike takes you to the summit of Angels Landing. This trail is perfect for well-conditioned hikers who do not fear heights and is accessible all year –round.

2. Donut Falls

This is a 2.9-mile trail that is located near the Salt Lake City. It features a waterfall and is great for all skill levels. Many activity options are offered in this trail that is accessible from March to November.

3. Bells Canyon

The trail offers scenic views and is used primarily used for snowshoeing, hiking, walking and fishing. Only experienced hikers are recommended to use this trail that is accessible from March till November.

4. Queens Garden

Bryce Canyon Park is a place where a lot of fantastic sceneries can be seen in a short while. Queen Garden Trail leads through an area filled with weird geological formations called hoodoos. These hoodoos make Bryce Canyon famous.

5. The Subway

The walls in this trail are curved into a virtual tunnel with an opening at the top that leads to the sky. The hike goes through the Virgin River, and you might consider getting wet.

6. Lake Blanche

The trail offers beautiful mountaintop lake, abundant wildlife and awesome views. It takes about two and hours to the top.

7. Timpanogos

This is a 12.7-mile trail that features a lake. Only skilled hikers are recommended to use this trail that is accessible from June to November. Dogs and horses can also use it.