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10 Most Essential Items You Absolutely Need On Your Hikes

Hiking with a family member or friend along an impressive trail into the woods towards the picturesque mountain enables one to admire the beauty nature has to offer. Before making even one step, you need to make various preparations that will enable you to survive.

Below are 10 essential items to pack before starting your hike.

1.A map

Even though technology has led to the development of smartphones and tablets with map apps, it is important to carry a paper map for the region you will be hiking. Electronics require battery power which means they will be drained therefore having a back up paper map is vital.

2.First aid kit

Hiking up a trail without knowing the dangers that lurk ahead can lead to accidents. Having a first aid kit can ensure that minor injuries are treated therefore preventing infections.

3.Light source

Depending with the length and time you will be undertaking your hike, you need to have a light source. Thanks to technology, hikers have the option of solar powered lamps which are rechargeable during the day.


Water is life therefore to ensure that your thirst is always quenched; you need to carry plenty of water with you.


A satellite phone or smartphone can become very handy when hiking a trail. The devices allow you to contact the nearest forest ranger post in case you need immediate help in case of danger.

6.A GPS device

A GPS device is vital as it comes packed with maps as well as a compass which is very helpful when seeking directions.


Protein bars and energy giving foods are important to carry as they are not only light but enable one to pack as many as possible.

8.An extra pair of hiking boots

An extra pair of boots can become very handy on difficult trails.

9.Sun screen

This helps to protect one’s skin against the harmful rays of the sun which cause skin cancer and sun burns.

10.Waterproof matches and a backpack

Water proof matches will allow you to start a fire in case you will be camping and the backpack-well, you will store all the above essentials in it.